Why T3Multisports Trains on Rollers

Christian on rollers 2

We ride on rollers primarily because they provide a very realistic road feel during indoor training. Since the bike is free to move around, it gives our athletes the feeling of riding on the open road. It’s much more engaging and the freedom of movement brings more benefits, such as improving balance, riding in a straight line, improving pedal stroke efficiency and no excess wear on tires like regular stationary trainers with wheel tension knobs.

Mental toughness and focus is a critical part of your athlete development. The increased concentration that rollers require make them a little less boring and easier to handle mentally for our young athletes.

Training indoors is an important part of our athletes’ development, we like to say it is the lab portion of our training program. As coaches, we have the immediate ability to make corrections to technique, skills and helping the athlete understand relaxing. Stationary trainers have a role in training but don’t require balance. Rollers provide that opportunity to improve balance and pedal efficiency as the balance on rollers is coming from the gyroscopic effect of the wheels in motion. The faster the athlete pedals the more stable they are.

In addition, the ability to really teach riding in a straight line pays huge dividends when our athletes transfer to the road for pace line drills and group rides.

Our rollers of choice are SportCrafters Cadence Rollers, they provide a smooth feel as the drums turn and are extremely durable. With multiple young athletes using them and traveling with them to races…they get a lot of abuse. SportCrafters rollers have stood up to this and continue to provide us great training and results.

-Boris Robinson, Owner & Director, T3Multisports Youth Triathlon and Junior Cycling Academy

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