Highland Communities Youth Splash & Dash

Splash & Dash Race Instructions/Rules

All participants in events sanctioned by USA Triathlon must be members of USA Triathlon and be able to present a valid annual membership card or must purchase a USA Triathlon single event permit. If the participant does not have a current membership card to present at packet pickup, they will either need to purchase a single event permit or register as a member. Either may be purchased at packet pickup or ahead of time at: USAT Membership

USAT Competition Rules: USAT Competition Rules


If you experience any problems during registration please email BCMUD Customer Service or call 512-255-7871 extension #1.


  • Participants can check in from 6:30 - 7:45 AM. Body Marking:
    • Participants will be marked with their Bib number
    • All participants will be required to wear their race number while on the Run course, so they can be identified by the Volunteers to help with lap counts, and run routes
  • Equipment Setup in Transition Area:
    • NOTE: Run gear spots are pre-marked according to a Bib number range
    • Each spot will be marked based on a range of Bib numbers. Look for your Bib number as to where you will set up run gear
    • Baskets will hold your running gear while swimming and your swim gear while running
    • Participant's race gear must be in the space provided. All race gear that will be used throughout the race must be arranged before the Transition Area is closed. No gear may be brought in afterwards, or provided by spectators on the course
    • Volunteers will be available to assist the athletes. Keep goggles and swim cap with you
  • Chip Pickup at Participant Check-in table:
    • All individual participants will secure their timing chip to their right ankle until the finish line.
  • Orientation Meeting by the pool:
    • At 7:45 AM there will be a brief orientation meeting required for all participants by the pool.
    • The race will start at 8:00 AM
    • Packet pickup 4:00-6:30pm at the Brushy Creek Community Center on Great Oaks Drive on Friday, August 22, 2014


  • Participants will be provided with a numbered Bib and safety pins. Bib number can be pinned onto shirt or race belt. All individual participants must wear the bib in plain view for the bike segment and on the front of the body during the run segment. The Bib number must be clearly visible on the front when the participant crosses the finish line
  • Cutting the course short will result in disqualification or time penalty
  • After finishing the race, be respectful of other participants in the race
  • The Transition Area will reopen once the last participant has finished the run course. Only the participant will be able to remove their race gear. Volunteers will assist younger athletes as necessary to exit the Transition Area
  • Aerial Map of Aquathlon Site
  • No headphones, radios, CD players, etc. can be worn at anytime during the race
  • No glass of any type is allowed on any portion of the race course
  • Participants are prohibited from striking or impeding the progress of another participant
  • Inappropriate or un-sportsmanlike language or behavior will not be tolerated
  • Volunteers will be stationed throughout the race. If you need help, go to one of the volunteers or policemen
  • The most important rules are to HAVE FUN, BE ORGANIZED, and STAY SAFE!
  • All rules and violation of them are subject to the interpretation of the officials, whose decision will be final


  • Parking will be limited to the street on Sendero Springs Drive. If you park on Sendero Springs Drive, you will be able to leave before the race is over. There are overflow parking lots around the Sendero Springs neighborhood but we strongly recommend you not block personal residences


  • Parents/friends are prohibited from entering the Transition Area and helping participants once the race begins, per USAT rules. Volunteers will be on hand to assist participants during transition. Participant will be disqualified if a parent enters the Transition Area
  • Outside assistance on any portion of the race will not be allowed. Participants must complete the entire race on their own
  • Parents must obey reasonable requests from the volunteers, race coordinators, race director and safety officers
  • The race will take place rain or shine, unless the conditions are severe enough to warrant safety concerns. If this happens depending on the conditions, the race start will be delayed until conditions pass or the race will be canceled

**In the event of bad weather such as a thunder storm or lightening the Race Director will decide whether to cancel event of convert to a run only event. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS.


  • Individual participants must wear the swim cap provided in their packets, or any non-club swim caps. No Exceptions
  • Flotation devices are not allowed. If you need to rest, you can hold on to the side of the pool, stand on the bottom, or hold on to the lane line
  • Participants will line up in order by their Bib numbers. Bib numbers were assigned based age group assignment. A participant will start every 10 seconds by a dive/jump start and then doing a 'snake swim' where you swim up one lane, go under the lane line, swim down the next lane, and keep repeating this process until finished
  • Participants may push off the wall to start swimming up the lane. Lifeguards will be on the deck near the water for assistance
  • Participants are allowed to pass one another in a lane
  • Seniors will go first swimming 8 lengths. Once the last Senior finishes the run the Juniors will start. The Juniors will swim 4 lengths
  • After the swim, participants will go to the Transition Area. Participants must cross the timing mat before they enter the Transition Area


  • Participants must wear shoes, bib number secured by safety pins or a belt with bib number attached
  • Shoes must be worn during the running portion of the race
  • Participants leave the Transition Area to go on the run course


  • Participants must cross the timing mat at the beginning of the run course
  • Participants must stay on the left side of the trail
  • Seniors will run a 2K, and Juniors will run a 1K
  • There will be water stations on the run course
  • After the run course participants run down the Finisher's chute to cross the finish line
  • NOTE: All athletes are responsible for knowing the Run course; Volunteers help, but athletes are responsible for knowing the course and what the specific course layout is for their age group


  • Participants must cross the timing mat at the finish line
  • All participants will receive a finisher's medal
  • Volunteers will remove chip ankle bracelet
  • There will be a water station at the finish line
  • Refreshments and sponsor activities will be in the Pool Parking lot


  • The awards ceremony and raffle drawing will take place around 10:00 AM at the Race site
  • The raffle drawing is based on ticket numbers of the participants. Participants must be present to win
  • Awards will be presented to the top 3 finishers in each category

Please NOTE: The Transition area WILL NOT be open until the last runner leaves the Transition area.

**In the event of bad weather such as a thunder storm or lightening the Race Director will decide whether to cancel event of convert to a run only event. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS.

If you'd like to help out with the race please contact: I'd like to volunteer.  Volunteer waiver form
You'll need to print and fill out the waiver form found on the right of this page.

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