Integrating a Brick into your Triathlon Training

transition-picThe term brick has a few meanings, one is that a brick workout is foundational to triathlon training in the same manner that a brick can be foundational to a structure.  Another is that after a bike/run brick your legs feel as heavy as bricks.  Integrating a brick session into your training prepares you for racing by combining two aspects of triathlon into a single, continuous workout.  The two most common examples are a swim to bike and a bike to run.

There are several ways to integrate a brick workout into your plan; however, set up is always key.  The reason for this is to minimize transition time between disciplines in the same manner as a race.  At T3Multisports, we utilize a transition bike rack that allows athletes to set their transition area up in the same fashion as they would on race day.  We set up  a transition rack (similar to those you see at races) up near our open water swim practice area or in a side parking lot near a pool.  The athletes swim the prescribed distance in their race suit, run to the transition area (complete with bike mount line) and transition onto the bike.  The duration and intensity of both the swim and bike will depend on where you are in your training or what you are targeting as an area of improvement.  If you don’t have the luxury of a rack, setting your bike up pool side (check with the life guards first) or securing it a public bike rack might be an option.

Brick training along with the transition practice will help you Transition to the Next Level!

-Andrew Sidwell, Adult and High Performance Coach, T3Multisports

T3Multisports Adult Team is Round Rock’s premier year-round, group triathlon training program for adults. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the sport or an experienced veteran; we will help you achieve your goals and Transition You to the Next Level.

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