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T3Multisports Adults

Our adult training program provides online coaching with any of our coaches as well as individual and group training opportunities in specific locations. Our adult members come in all skill levels and different stages of life including those with athletic and non-athletic backgrounds. Our members compete at all levels from sprint, Olympic, half-ironmen and ironman; they range from beginners, first-timers and seasoned athletes.

At T3Multisports we realize coaching is an art and a science and each individual has specific needs based a number of factors. Your training will balance the work and rest cycles your body needs to fully develop and recover, while taking into consideration your work and personal life.

As a Team member you’ll receive a free T3Multisports window sticker, access to T3Multisports team uniforms and discounts from our sponsors including Champion SystemBicycle World, Rudy Project, Xterra Wetsuits, Playtri and many others.   All team members have access to our team training resources and training tips from T3Multisports coaches, and discount pricing on all training plans and team training camps!

For our local athletes (and any T3Multisports online athletes visiting the area), we will be offering several coached group workout options throughout the 2018 season: ongoing track workouts, open water swims, group rides and brick workouts!  We will also be hosting social events and several workshops and presentations on training and racing!