T3Multisports Youth

T3Multisports Youth Programs are designed to promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle among our youth.  If promotes team spirit through Team membership in the Round Rock/Austin area with goals of increasing the level of participation in the sport of triathlon and build camaraderie among our kids.  Our kids will also train and compete within the state as well as have opportunities to compete at the national level.


  • Create an environment that fosters the participation of youth in the sport of triathlon. Encourage young people to get involved in a healthy lifestyle and a sport that requires skill in multiple disciplines.
  • Establish an organization that responds to the emerging need of our youth to get involved in a sport that not only teaches how to multitask but also develops their motors skills and through training and competition gives them a sense of accomplishment.
  • Develop a parental support network that encourages youth to participate and be a part of T3Multisports Triathlon Team. This sport helps develops interpersonal skills, communication among peers and creates an environment for youth to explore fitness within their own peer group. It also allows parents to be involved with their children in a positive and meaningful way.
  • Increase the recognized talent pool of young triathletes for future international competition representing the USA. This increases the number of youth to young adults that grow up in the sport versus finding collegiate talent in swimming and running to transform them into world class triathletes after a collegiate career closes.
  • Work towards getting the sport of triathlon recognized in the high schools and colleges; ultimately becoming recognized by the NCAA as a collegiate sport…


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