T3Multisports High Performance

T3Multisports Elite is a specific High Performance Program (HP) for our committed youth triathletes between the ages of 13-19 and our developing elite athletes between the ages of 18-28; the focus in on the International Triathlon Union race format.  These youth elite and junior distance races follow the same dramatic, high-speed, draft-legal format as the Olympic Games triathlon.  Athletes must possess superior swim skills, fast transitions, excellent bike handling, and the ability to run near personal best times off the bike. We provide a Daily Training Environment (DTE) for our elite development program.   We promote a team concept through the DTE to build a training squad in Round Rock, Texas.

High Performance (T3Multisports Elite) will play an integral role in the identification and development America’s next generation of National, World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic Games triathletes.  As such, USAT monitors the progress of teams and affiliated athletes to measure program success and provide routine feedback to coaches.

We realize coaching is an art and a science and each individual has specific needs based a number of factors.  TEAM training will balance the exercise and rest cycles the body needs to fully develop and recover.


  • To develop well-rounded, young men and women by providing opportunities to learn and excel, enabling them to become ambassadors for the sport and role models in their communities.
  • To provide an opportunity to compete at the highest levels in the sport of triathlon through consistent training, performance tests and professional coaching.
  • To assist young athletes in setting and achieving their performance goals and to reach their full potential in the sport.
  • Utilize our professional enhancement team to address any specific needs such as physical therapy, nutrition, sports psychology and orthopedic specialist.

Our ultimate goal is “Transitioning Athletes to the Next Level” in order to provide you the best possibility for advancement in the sport; regardless of your age, gender or experience level. 


2018 T3Multisports High Performance (Select Athletes Only)

Tryouts will be in 2017 for the 2018 Athletes

The tryouts will be held on at Sendero Springs Pool in Round Rock.  Tryouts are open to all athletes with a 2018 USAT race age between 12 and 25.  USAT race age is determined by what the athlete’s age will be on December 31st, 2018.  For information email: info@T3Multisports.com to reserve and confirm your tryout date.

Tryouts will consist of two USA Triathlon benchmark tests.  The first test will be a 200/100 (YE) yard swim starting from the blocks.  The swim test will be conducted in the Sendero Springs pool in Sendero Springs community in Round Rock.  Athlete’s 50 yard split will be recorded as well as their 200 time.  When the athlete finishes, they will be given 60 seconds to rest, then they will be started on an 800/400 (YE) yard swim starting in the water, pushing off from the wall.  100 yard splits will again be taken during this event.  After the swim, athletes will be given 60 minutes to refuel and transition to the second test, the bike to run test.

In the second test, athletes will ride their own bike.  This test will occur at the MultiRider location in Sendero Springs in Round Rock.  The bikes will be mounted into a CompuTrainer to create a standard measure of resistance.  The athletes will ride at a set resistance (wattage) for 30 (20 YE) minutes.  Athletes will be required to hold a minimum of 80 rpm’s during this stage.  After 30 minutes has elapsed the athlete will have 15 seconds to transition to their run gear and begin a 3K/2K (YE) or 2-mile run on a measured road course.  One kilometer of mile splits will be recorded during this event.

Time Standards for HPT/Devo Athletes

Performing the Elite & Devo Test does not guarantee selection for the High Performance Coaching.

Minimal Times for possible selection:

Junior & Elite Format:

Swim 200/800 total time limit 16:00:

Women time standards: 200 yards < 2:50; meters < 3:08; 800 yards < 11:30; meters < 12:30

Men time standards: 200 < 2:35; meters < 2:57; 800 yards < 10:45; meters < 11:45

U23 Athletes: 200 < 2:10; meters < 2:35; 800 yards < 9:10; meters < 10:10

 Developmental Format:

Swim 100/400 total time limit 10:00.

Women time standards: 100 yards < 1:25; meters < 1:50; 400 yards < 6:45; meters < 7:00

Men time standards: 100 yards < 1:20; meters < 1:45; 400 yards < 6:25; meters < 6:45

Recovery 60-minute recovery

Off the Bike-Run

 Junior & Elite Format:

30-minute bike on your bike our CompuTrainer trainer at constant resistance (men @ FTP watts; women@ FTP watts)

Transition to run must be < 15 seconds

3K or 2-mile run:

Women: 3K in 12:05 or less; 2 mile in 12:55 or less

Men run standards-3K in 11:35 or less; 2 mile in 12:15

  1. Transition to run must be < 15 seconds
  2. 3K run on outdoor track or measured 1000 m course (3) laps

Athletes will be required to hold a cadence between 85 and 100 rpms during the bike.

Developmental Format:

Min requirements: bike – hold FTP/watts for 20 minutes;

Women run standards-2K in 8:25

Men: 2K in 8:05

  1. 20-minute bike on your bike our CompuTrainers at FTP
  2. 2K run on outdoor track or measured 1000 m course (2) laps

The final step will be a short interview process between the coaching staff and the athlete.

Online Coaching 

Coaching Options

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