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Welcome to T3Multisports! We exist for one reason and that is to Transition Athletes to the Next Level. It doesn’t matter if you are young or not so young, a beginner or seasoned veteran we will take you from where you are today and help you Transition to the Next Level. So take a look around our site, check out our blog, sign up for free information or send us an email. Our goal at T3Multisports is to Transition You to the Next Level. Contact us if you have additional questions.
What Our Clients Say
Parent; Lisa Jenkins, Austin, Texas
Triathlon sounded very intimidating to our 8 year old daughter when we suggested it to her but the T3Multisports team made her feel very welcome.  She overcame a big fear of the road bike during her second training session solely due to one of the Associate Coaches.  The kids learn what it takes to win, how to loose gracefully and how to take the hard knocks life throws at you.  Practice is a focused event, but the kids are allowed to socialize and make it fun -she considers training the next best thing to a play date.  T3Multisports isn’t just ...
Parent and Athlete; Tiffany Bell, Georgetown, Texas
T3Multisports is one of the greatest character building programs that I have ever seen.  My daughter has developed accountability and is learning how to swim, bike, and run properly.   The team environment and camaraderie of the kids and parents is AMAZING.  .  When I saw the self-confidence and performance from my daughter increase; I couldn't wait to jump in.  T3Multisports helped prepare me for USAT Nationals.  I have aspiring goals of making Team USA next year with their help and support.  My son had never swam competitively and he recently joined.  This is a great place for the entire ...
Parent; Karla Rivers, Elgin, Texas
Coaches Boris and Arlyn run their programs with the athletes’ best interest at heart. They encourage the kids set attainable goals and strive to help them achieve those goals. They also stress safety and teach the athletes how to train and race safely.-Parent; Karla Rivers, Elgin, Texas
Parent; Debbie Copley, Cedar Park, Texas
T3Multisports is a great triathlon group.  The coaches really have your child's best interest at heart and know how to help you succeed as an athlete.  All skill levels are taught and it's a great team - a great family to be a part of.-Parent; Debbie Copley, Cedar Park, Texas
Parent; Trisha Bonilla, Austin, Texas
My son has been with T3Multisports for almost 2 years. He had always taken an interest in triathlon as a young boy, but since joining the team, Jack's triathlon skills have not only improved but those life skills that are so important have grown exponentially. As he matures and moves onto high school, I envision that the independence and confidence he has gained as an athlete trained by Boris and Arlyn will carry him far in school and beyond the classroom.-Parent; Trisha Bonilla, Austin, Texas
Athlete; Jana Cottrill, Round Rock, Texas
T3Multisports has helped me change my life through nutrition and exercise.  Coaches Arlyn and Boris truly care about helping you attain your fitness goals.  If you want to get fit and get healthy, I highly recommend getting in touch with them.-Athlete; Jana Cottrill, Round Rock, Texas
Parent; Andrea Rodriguez, Austin, Texas
We have just joined the team and I am thrilled with the excellent communication from all the T3Multisports staff which are very friendly and professional at all levels, the parents made us feel instantly part of the team and even one of them loaned a team jersey to my son Fernando, we are glad to be part of this awesome team!-Parent; Andrea Rodriguez, Austin, Texas
Athlete; Joe Winkles, Round Rock, Texas
I have been working out with T3Multisports for over 3 years. The training environment is fun, challenging and uplifting! Adults interested in general fitness to competing in triathlons need to join T3Multisports.-Athlete; Joe Winkles, Round Rock, Texas

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  • 5th Annual T3MS Splash n Dash

    T3Multisports Youth Triathlon Club in partnership with Highland Communities will conduct our fifth annual Splash n Dash to encourage our youth and families to participate in multisport events to promote health and fitness along with fun. Events are open to …

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    May 5, 2015
  • T3MS Youth Tri Day Camp May 30, 2015

    T3Multisports Youth Triathlon Academy coaches will host a 6 hour youth triathlon day camp. This camp is designed to improve skills and techniques in the sport of triathlon for athletes ages 9-15 years old. This camp is more than just …

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    April 22, 2015
  • Congratulations to Madison 2015 Texas Criterium Championn

    Congratulations to Madison for her 2015 Texas State Criterium Championship win! A member of T3Multisports High Performance Team, she raced extremely well during the criterium championship leading the race for start to finish. Looking for big things for the rest …

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    March 31, 2015